Family's story

Pierre Castaing, gives birth to the first generation of winegrowers with the 1st hectare of vines in Cunèges town’s. At the beginning, the Property is in mixed farming.

Gabriel Castaing expands the property by 3ha.

Jacky Castaing brings big changes such as : stopping mixed farming, marketing the first bottle of wine and expansion of the estate to 12ha.

Patrick Castaing joins his father Jacky and increases the vineyard to 28ha.

Jacky et Patrick are building together: new vinification cellar, barrel cellar, tasting room and offices.

Jacky, Patrick et Fabien 3 Castaing generations are gathered on the Domaine de Moulin-Pouzy.

Fabien Castaing takes the management of the Domaine de Moulin-Pouzy (28ha) and commits to the French Independent Winegrower quality’s approach named “Qualenvi”.

Acquisition of new plots of vines in PDO Bergerac and Monbazillac. The vineyard is then 46ha.

Construction of a new vinification cellar and acquisitions of egg-shaped tanks for the vinification of some vintages.

Creation of the trading wines company Vignobles Fabien Castaing’s which markets the wines of productions but also its own brands in Southwest spirit.

Domaine de Moulin-Pouzy obtains Level 3 High environmental value certification.

Acquisition of new plots of vine in PDO Monbazillac to reach 54ha.

Acquisition of Châteaux Les Mailleries, an 11ha property, certified Organic Agriculture since 2004.

Construction of a new storage space.

Domaine de Moulin-Pouzy celebrates 120 years old !

Year of mourning at Domaine de Moulin-Pouzy, but activity must continue with the commitment to conversion to Organic Agriculture of Domaine de Moulin-Pouzy and launch of our own Organic Craft beer “La Barbe” signed by Fabien Castaing !

Like a soft ware it’s a beta year. But we have full of projects coming soon., Rolling on strongly 2021...

Vineyard proerties


domaine de moulin-pouzy

Domaine de Moulin-Pouzy is the historic property of Castaing’s family. Created on 1898 in Cunèges and Pomport towns in Dordogne, It’s the result of winegrower know-how transmitted with passion for more than 120 years !

Fabien Castaing is the 5th generation to perpetuate family traditions and values which are: love of the terroir, respect of the environment and winegrower know-how.

Winegrowing extends over 54ha of vines certified level 3 of High environmental value since 2013.

With the support of the entire team, the whole of Domaine de Moulin-Pouzy is committed to Organic Agriculture in 2019.

Type of plantation : High density (5000vines/ha)

Terroir : Clay soil, limestone, flint

Grape varieties for red and rosé wines : Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec

Grape varieties for white wines : Sémillon, Sauvignon blanc, Sauvignon gris, Muscadelle, Ugni-blanc

Appellation produced : AOC bergerac, AOC Bergerac rosé, AOC Bergerac blanc sec, AOC Côtes de Bergerac blanc, AOC Monbazillac

Other brand : Château Les Marquis

Labels : Vigneron Indépendant, Haute Valeur Environnementale de niveau 3 (HVE 3) et bientôt en Bio


château les mailleries

Château Les Mailleries is a property of 11 hectares, certified in Organic Agriculture since 2004. The vineyard was acquired by Fabien Castaing in 2016.

It’s an exceptional site, nestled at an altitude of almost 150 meters in Sigoulès and Thénac towns. The richness of the soils composed by clayey, limestone, flint and boulbène, combined with the diversity of the grape varieties planted make it possible to produce rich and complex wines.

Type of plantation : High density (5000vines/ha)

Terroir : Clay soils, limestone, silex, boulbène

Grape varieties for red and ros wines : Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec

Grape varieties for white wines : Sauvignon gris, Sauvignon blanc, Sémillon

Appellation produced : AOC Bergerac, AOC Bergerac blanc

Labels : French Independent Winegrower, Organic Agriculture