Our history

Vignobles Fabien Castaing’s story

It all begins with a passion transmitted since 1898, which combines Terroir, Grape varieties and Winemaker.

After Pierre, Gabriel, Jacky, Patrick, Fabien Castaing is the 5th generation to perpetuate wine family tradition.

Discover their story:


Pierre Castaing, the great-great-grandfather of Fabien, Owner of a traditional farmland, gives birth to a first generation of winemakers by purchasing the first acre of vines of the “Domaine de Moulin Pouzy”.

fabien castaing histoire domaine viticole


Gabriel Castaing takes over and expands the estate to 3 acres.


The third generation of wine grower, Jacky Castaing, triples the size of “Domaine de Moulin Pouzy”, which reaches 12 acres. He stops other types of cultures to concentrate on winemaking and starts producing his own bottles of wine.

fabien castaing histoire domaine viticole


Patrick Castaing, Fabien’s father, further extends the size of the “Domaine de Moulin Pouzy” vineyard, which reaches 28 acres.


A new winemaking cellar is created with a brand-new 10 000 square foot building combining winery, offices and tasting room.

fabien castaing histoire domaine viticole


With Fabien, three generations of Castaing unite to create the “Domaine de Moulin Pouzy” wines.


Fabien Castaing takes over the 28 acres family owned “Domaine de Moulin Pouzy” and commits to the “Qualenvi” program, the quality process of French “Vignerons indépendants” (independent winemakers).

fabien castaing histoire domaine viticole


New plots of vines are acquired in Bergerac and Monbazillac “ACO” (French Appelation d’Origine Controllée, the top quality label in France). The vineyard grows.


Building of a new winery. Fabien is the first winemaker from Bergerac to invest in a new winemaking process based on ovoid clay vinification vats.

fabien castaing histoire domaine viticole


Creation of the wine trading company. We sell the wines from our domains and chateaux, our brands with south-west spirit and carefully selected.


The « Domaine de Moulin Pouzy » gets the “HEV” (high environmental value) certification, level 3 – the highest.

fabien castaing histoire domaine viticole


Purchasing of the « Château Les Mailleries”, an 11-acre vineyard with Bio certification.


Building of a 4000 square foot building to extend the storage and packaging area.

fabien castaing histoire domaine viticole


The vineyard Domaine de Moulin-Pouzy celebrates 120 years old !


Launch of the first organic beer signed by Fabien Castaing but also mark steps to convert the entire property into organic. This year is mainly marked by the loss of a loved one.

fabien castaing histoire domaine viticole


To be continued.....

Fabien Castaing’s signature guarantees authentic wines and vintages, produced with the utmost respect for nature, environment, and people.

A unique style of wines with a touch of French South-West’s spirit and friendliness.